Leadership Agility Accelerator

What is Leadership Agility?

We live in a world of accelerating change and increasing complexity. Regardless of your level of organizational responsibility, these forces impact you and your work on a daily basis. This dynamic, interconnected environment is challenging leaders at all levels to become more “agile.”

But what, exactly, does agility mean when it comes to leadership? In a nutshell, it’s the ability to quickly step back, gain greater perspective, put the insights you gain into effective action.

The Leadership Agility Accelerator is a self-assessment and development tool, based on research underlying the award-winning book, Leadership Agility. It focuses on three areas where where increased agility pays off in greater success:

  • Leading organizational change
  • Leading teams
  • Pivotal conversations

How does it work?

The Leadership Agility Accelerator is more than a self-assessment. It is also a tool for selecting and working on specific leadership practices that will take your agility to a new level. It will guide you through a process where you will:

  1. Identify your most important initiatives
  2. Assess your current level of leadership agility
  3. Select a few best practices especially designed to increase your agility
  4. Use a special template to create an action plan for putting these practices into action

When you get to the 4th step, you can choose to create this action plan on your own. Or you can review or work on your action plan with a specially trained Leadership Agility coach.


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