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Leadership Agility Assessments

The three assessments on this website are all developed by ChangeWise, based on extensive research underlying the award-winning book, Leadership Agility. These assessments can be used not only by individuals but also for leadership development cohorts, management teams, and whole organizations:

  • Leadership Agility 360
  • Leadership Agility Accelerator
  • Power Style Profile

Leadership Agility 360

Find more information about what the Leadership Agility 360 is and how it works here.

Organizational applications of the Leadership Agility 360 include its use in leadership development programs, management teams, and even post-merger alignment programs.

The impact is always greatest when participants also receive coaching from experienced coaches trained in the Leadership Agility 360.

Leadership Agility Accelerator

This online self-assessment and development tool guides the user through a step-by-step process where they:

  • Answer questions that generate an assessment of their level of agility in leading change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations.
  • Choose leadership practices based on their current level of agility that will help them develop to the next level.
  • Create an action plan to implement these practices.

Action plans can be implemented solo or with the assistance of a trained Leadership Agility coach. This tool is ideal for leadership development programs or team off-sites where there is not enough time or budget to do a 360 feedback and action-planning process.

Find out more about the Leadership Accelerator here.

Power Style Profile

This 10-minute online self-assessment generates a report about an individual’s current tendency to balance assertiveness and receptivity in “pivotal” conversations – One-on-one discussions where distinctly different points of view need to be resolved in order to move ahead.

The report includes an assessment of the strengths and liabilities of a person’s current “power style” plus tips for developing a more balanced and effective approach.

This instrument has been used in leadership development programs, for management team off-sites, and in university courses.

Find more information about the Power Style Profile here.


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