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This page is where you register to use the  tools and materials on this website. Once you fill in the registration fields in the right-hand column, you will receive an email confirmation from ChangeWise with more information.

To purchase multiple assessments at one time, you should also register as a “Group Leader.” To do this, use the link at the bottom of the right-hand column on landing page of the assessment you want to use, the Leadership Agility Accelerator or Power Style Profile.

How to qualify to register as a coach

To register as a coach on this site, you first need to attend either our Leadership Agility 360 Workshop or our Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop, or both.

  • If you’ve attended the Leadership Agility Coaching workshop, registration on this site is your first step in getting approved to use the Leadership Agility Accelerator and the Power Style Profile (PSP).
  • If you’ve attended the Leadership Agility 360 Workshop, registration is your first step toward approval to use the Accelerator and the PSP. Registration also allows you to access the Support Portal for Leadership Agility 360 Coaches. This portal contains all the support materials you need for each step of the 360 process, from marketing to action-planning. (Once your registration is confirmed, a link to the Support Portal will appear at the bottom of this column).

Learn about the assessments on this site

Learn about the Leadership Agility Accelerator and how to get approved to use it with clients.

Learn about the Power Style Profile and how to get approved to use it.


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