Engage with Groups

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If you are thinking about setting up a group project using the Leadership Agility 360 (for a leadership development program or for a management team), we encourage you to review the information on this page as early as possible in the planning process.

Group Guide

Begin by reading our guide to using the Leadership Agility 360. There is a lot to think about in planning this type of project, and this guide covers everything you need to consider.

If you’re planning a group project, we also encourage you to contact us for a brief conversation.

ChangeWise modules you can use with groups

We have found that group projects with the Leadership Agility 360 are much more effective, when participants first learn something about the Leadership Agility framework (which makes their self-assessment in the 360 more rather than less accurate) and, second, are oriented to the unique features of the Leadership Agility 360 and process. Drawing on 10 years of experience, we’ve put together two modules you license and use for group projects. To encourage wide-spread use, we’re only requiring a short tutorial/review for each module, and we’ve kept the licensing fee modest. For more information, check out the two “brochures” below:

  • Intro to Leadership Agility. Access brochure.
  • Group Orientation to the Leadership Agility 360. Access brochure.

Cambria support for group projects

Cambria provides two services that may be of interest if you’re planning a group project.

Scott Simpson, head of their IT department, provides a service that includes help with the technical aspects of a group project, from set-up to monitoring feedback completion and generating reports. This service is particularly helpful when you’re working with an in-tact group, where, because of role interdependencies, some people might be required to provide feedback on a number of people.

Cambria can also provide access to a web page with the aggregate data from your group project. This page is set up so you can analyze the aggregate results from quite a number of angles.

  • Set-up and monitoring support
  • Access to web page to use to “slice and dice” aggregate data

If you think either of these services might be of interest, contact Debbie Whitestone at dw@changewise.biz