Leadership Agility Accelerator & Power Style Profile

This is the one section of the Support Portal that is not about the Leadership Agility 360. Instead, it provides information for test-driving and using two additional online ChangeWise assessments: The Leadership Agility Accelerator and the Power Style Profile.

These materials are especially designed for people who have attended our Leadership Agility 360 Workshop and/or our Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop.

Leadership Agility Accelerator

  • Read a brochure explaining what the Accelerator does and the simple steps for getting authorized to use it.
  • Get instructions for a free test-drive of the Accelerator.
  • Get instructions for purchasing the Accelerator for individuals or a group. (It’s very important to read about your options for purchasing for a group, before you start a project using the Accelerator with a group).
  • Get guidelines for orientating clients to the Accelerator and anticipating how the action-planning step will work.

Power Style Profile