1: The Leadership Agility Framework (Fall 2021)

Workbook for September pre-work and group session: Download it here.

Mini-webinar (optional)

If you have not heard Bill’s presentation of the Leadership Agility framework within the last year, we encourage you to view his recorded mini-webinar on this topic. You can access it here.

While watching, take notes capturing your insights and questions on page 2 of your workbook. We will take a little time to discuss these in the group session. (30 min.)


In the Leadership Agility book, read pages 3-23. If you do not have the book, you can, instead, read two PDFs that capture essentially the same material. (~20 min.) If needed …

  • Download the Leadership Agility white paper (essentially the same as Chapter 1)
  • Download a PDF of the “Ed’s” chapter, Expert through Catalyst.

The following resources will be available after the session:

Check back to view/download the recording.

Check back for a PDF of the slides used during screen sharing.