2. Diagnosing Agility Levels (Fall 2021)

Workbook for September 21, 2021 pre-work and group session: Download it here.


  • Review your notes (from the previous session and/or your pre-work for it) on the Leadership Agility framework, especially on Agility levels and power style.
  • In the Leadership Agility book, read: The analytical sections of the Expert, Achiever, and Catalyst chapters of Leadership Agility … Expert (pp. 55-62, stopping just before Guy’s story), Achiever (pp. 80-90), Catalyst (pp. 111-122). Total of 35 pages (~35 min.)
  • On page 2 of your workbook, read the one-page chart on agility levels (~5 min.)
  • On pages 3-5 of your workbook, read the brief profiles of Rachel and Ethan. Come to the workshop with what you think is the agility level and power style of each leader (~15 min.)

Also, bring an anonymous example of a leader you know well, who you think operates at a particular level of leadership agility.

Check back after the session for the following resources: