1. Levels of Reflective Action – Pre-work for Oct. 6

Workbook for October 6 pre-work and group session: Download it here.


Before this session, it’s very important that you view the mini-webinar on Levels of Reflective Action. While watching, on page 2 of the workbook above, take notes, writing down your questions and insights for sharing briefly in the group session. Just after viewing, please respond to the two reflection questions on page 3 of the workbook.

You can access this mini-webinar here. (35 min. + reflection questions)

You may want to download the transcript and bring it with you to the group session.


  • On pages 8-9 of your workbook for this session, read the coaching scenario for Guy and answer the reflection questions at the end. (15-20 min.)
  • On page 10 of your workbook, read the coaching scenario for Adam and answer the reflection questions at the end. (15-20 min.)
  • The other pages of your workbook are intended for use in the group session.

Recording link

View/Download the recording of the session.

Chat Transcript

Download a transcript of  Chat comments from the session.


Download a PDF of the slides used during screen sharing.