2. Stakeholder Agility—from Expert to Achiever: Pre-Work for Oct. 13


Download workbook for October 13 pre-work and group session.

Two mini-webinars

Before this session, it’s very important that you view the two mini-webinars on Expert to Achiever Stakeholder Agility. A total of about 30 minutes.

You can access the first mini-webinar here. (20 min.)
And the second mini-webinar here. (10 min.)

You may want to download the transcripts of these:

Download transcript of the first mini-webinar.

Download transcript of the second mini-webinar.


Download and read the newly uploaded “coaching scenario” for Dale, which you’ll use as the basis for coaching practice and feedback in our session on October 13.

Recording link

Click here to view/download the recording of the session.

Chat Transcript

Download a transcript of  Chat comments from the session.


Download a PDF of the slides used during screen sharing.