Power Style Profile

What are pivotal conversations?

If you’re like most people, when you’re working with others, you often find yourself in “pivotal conversations.” These are moderately to highly stressful decision-making situations, where you and another person both have a stake in the outcome, yet you disagree about what to do, and you need to come to an agreement.


What does the Power Style Profile give you?

Thousands of people have used the Power Style Profile to get insight into the communication style they use most frequently in pivotal conversations. The PSP report also gives you specific tips about how you can adjust your power style to make these conversations more satisfying and productive.


Power Style Brochure

Before you purchase the PSP, please download this brochure describing the instrument and how you can be approved to use it.


What is it based on?

The Power Style Profile is based on extensive research underlying the award-winning book, Leadership Agility. You’ll find a link to the book at the end of your Power Style Profile report.


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